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Le Fabuleux Chapter 2



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This event begins 06/25/2021 and repeats every day until 06/27/2021

On a tellement adoré la première édition qu'on remet ça l'année prochaine !


Toutes les infos ici et


After a successful and epic first event, we got back to the drawing board and we are excited to invite to write the second chapter of Le Fabuleux. 
When the Smuggler’s Path and #Gravelride13 started to think about the route of the first version, we had two options, a short and steep one (what we did in 2020) or something slightly longer and slacker (thats’ what we’ll do next in 2021).
All the things riders loved will be carried over but with 99,9% of new trails and a compass turned upside down.
More of the same, only better.
Sound like a plan?

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