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Found 6 results

  1. On saturday there will be a few tents for shelter, plenty of beer (yes we’ll also serve soda and water). Oto Burger will provide delicious burgers and frites and Koek & Zopie will provide fresh coffee. Registration opens friday march 2nd at 19:00 at café “El Dia” (Zeelaan 21, 8670 Koksijde). Bar owner “Betty Boop” told us there is no curfew, however registration will close around 22:00 so that we can have some beers ourselves before we need to get out of bed pretty early to set up the last details on saturday. On saturday march 3rd you will find arrows pointing you towards the event site from El Dia (crossing Houtsaegerlaan/Zeelaan), you can park wherever it is legal to park between El Dia and the event site (El Dia, showers, parking, event site,.. is al within 1 or 2 km). We will keep the actual location secret as long as possible since we need to share it with different groups during the weekend. We don’t want “racers” at the event site before saturday march 3rd 9:00. Expect it to be muddy! Schedule for saturday: 9:00 – Gates open / Registration opens / beer 10:00 – Group A qualifier / beer 11:00 – Group B qualifier / beer 12:00 – Group C qualifier / beer 13:00 – Group D qualifier / beer 14:00 – kids race / games / beer 16:00 – Woman only finals / beer 16:55 – briefing with the rules for “El Grande Finale” / beer 17:00 – Finals / beer (bring lights!!) 20:00 – Podium / beer 22:00 – End raceday / Event site clean up (Everyone is welcome to hit town or meet us at El Dia for another beer) If you actually fancy winning this shit: please bring lights, you’ll need them! Since it is Cyclo Cross: only UCI legal tires and a dropbar if you want to be crowned European Champ. Everyone and every Single Speed bike is welcome to ride, but you need an actual Cyclo Cross bike to be able to win the jersey! Expect it to be hard as Fuck! Sunday march 4th we will guide those that are interested through the region on a GPX based group ride. There are plenty of parts to get lost, so please use a GPS as back up. It will not be easy to keep a big group together in this region! Prepare for some really fun sections with plenty of singletracks, sand and a snack/beer table somewhere along the way. The GPX file will be made available a few days before the event. Start will be around 9:30 at El Dia. According to the group of people it will take 3-4 hrs to finish (you can drop out and loop back at multiple spots during the ride). After the GPX ride we can only hope everyone had a blast and invite you to SSCX World Champs Belgium novembre 10th, hosted by our lovely friends of Single Speed Belgique. As for the rules: First and most important rule in Single Speeding: There are no rules! Second rule: Our event, our rules! Third rule: We will not force you to drink beer, however: in this case you will be forced to take the detour. No exceptions. If you don’t agree: Fuck Off! Fourth rule: an official marshall is always right! Fifth and final rule: fuck the rules and have fun! UCI-legal Cyclo Cross bike! Cheers, Team LesFlamandSS, Kenny, John, Dirk, Dave, Tim, Sven & Bram. Copier-coller du site des organisateurs https://lesflamandss.wordpress.com J'y serai. D'autres ?
  2. Le 18/02 c'est la sscxbc pour SingleSpeed CycloCross Belgian Championship. Voici qques détails : RACEDAY ! IF YOU'RE NOT THERE, YOU'RE NOWHERE!We have it all:A very special fixie bike for the winnerPrice for dflPrice for dnfAnd most important: BEER10:30 gather@ café Den hofStart race: 11:00.Adress:Grootzand 200, 9200 grembergen.Parking under bridge.RACE ROOLZ:-1st and most important: the 'officials' are always right.organisation does not Carry ANY responsability. If you crash, o.d. or get bitten by a Dinosaur : we don't care. We have more important things to do. drinking, to name one.-There are 78turns/lap. If you get vertigo this your problem, not ours.-Doping of any kind is encouraged. But remember: sharing is caring.-No defecating on the course allowed. If you must go, do it on your hand and Carry droppings or buttsauce to side of course. (Throwing feces also prohibited).-Skipping beerstop= exclusion from result and getting boo'd.-any* bike allowed as long as it has cx/road handlebars.-*bikes taller than 'dranghek' Will not be allowed. Except for you, Guy: If you want to ride a tallbike to be closer to god we'll see it through the fingers . Mtb, Bmx, recumbent, road bike, unicycle and other pogosticks are allowed but Will be excluded from official results.-riding the course backwards Will count as race lap.-no smoking during the race.-unless you are Chuck Norris, use of martial arts to pass a Rider is prohibited. Witchcraft or black magic may be used within reason.-all women are encouraged to slap male derrière at all times before, during or after shenanigans.-showers and bikewash nearby: Selfcarwash. (Or a dip in the Schelde. Free of charge)-in case of serious injury like breaking your balls or cutting your wrist in glass: the nearest hospital is only 1km away. Hope you make it.SPONSORED BY:WOODBEES, TARANIS CYCLES,FIETSEN SCHOLLAERT-to top it off: free participation! (Female nudity and bribes are much obliged)-please bear in mind that these rules need to be respected simply to insure the participants' safety.-pour les francophones: la mème chose. Pour les flamands aussi Si j'ai de quoi passer le crux en ss d'ici là j'en serai. Qui d'autre ?
  3. je vends une tige token destickée bon état light 145 gr 27,2mm 350mm de long super sobre bon état
  4. Bonjour Je vends une pair de manettees R685 hors groupe equivalent ultegra 2X11 vitesses très bon état , quelques légères traces d'utilisation possible étriers mais bon je suis en post mount sur la fourche et flat mount à l'arrière sur le cadre , si jamais c'est possible en plus vendu avec durites , cables neufs pour les vitesses , j'offre avec derailleur ultegra 11 avant très bon état et derailleur arrière ultegra 11v chape longue bon état , deux trois marques sur la chape très légères . prix tout doux 300 euros l'ensemble !!!!!!
  5. Bonjour les gens, Je vends un pédalier Shimano Ultegra 11v 46-36, manivelles de 172,5 mm avec plateau supplémentaire de 34 dents. Axe de 24 mm. Bon état. Traces d'usures sur manivelles. Je vends parce que j'ai mis un pédalier Rotor sur mon Cotic. PRIX : 100 €. 90 € Remise en main propre privilégiée mais envoi possible. Belle journée.
  6. Guest

    [VDS] Pack n Pedal THULE

    Vds Porte-bagage THULE pour adaptation sur cadre, système fiable comme THULE en a l'habitude. Utilisé mais en excellent état. Prix neuf 105,00€ Prix demandé 60.00€
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